VF Health & Wellness offers premium 1on1 active rehabilitation and kinesiology that is sustainable and individualised, providing results that last a lifetime.


Our kinesiology is run by our flagship company Vaughan’s Fitness in Langley. Stay tuned for more locations and options.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Our kinesiologists can help you with:

  • Muscular imblances
  • Correcting movement patterns
  • Pain reduction
  • Sore lower back, knees, shoulders etc.
  • Pre or post surgery strengthening and rehabilitation
  • Active rehab
  • MVA active recovery
  • High level strength and conditioning
  • Muscular imbalances
  • Posture



Jarid Vaughan

Melissa Bowman

Nemanja Savic

Jorell Mendoza

Dean Ellenwood

Jason Duong

Caite Cartmel

Alex Olson

Hope Wilde

Booking: Our booking is done through Vaughan’s Fitness (VF) in Langley.