At VF Health & Wellness, we provide premium mobile kinesiology, in home training and active rehabilitation services that are tailored to each individual and designed to provide long-lasting results. Our approach is sustainable and focused on helping our clients achieve optimal health and wellness.


Our mobile kinesiology and in home training is run by our flagship company Vaughan’s Fitness. Stay tuned for more locations and options.


Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Our kinesiologists and in home trainers can help you with:

  • Identifying and addressing muscle imbalances to improve overall muscle balance and symmetry
  • Improving overall health
  • Improve muscle tone, strength and size
  • Losing weight or body fat
  • Focusing on proper movement patterns to reduce strain and injury risk
  • Reducing pain through targeted exercises and techniques
  • Providing support for individuals with sore lower back, knees, shoulders, and other areas of discomfort
  • Offering pre- and post-surgery strengthening and rehabilitation to help individuals recover and regain strength
  • Providing active rehabilitation programs to support individuals in their recovery journey
  • Assisting individuals in their active recovery process following a motor vehicle accident
  • Improving posture through targeted exercises and techniques to promote better alignment and overall health
  • ICBC kinesiology – direct billing

Mobile Kinesiologists

Jarid Vaughan

Melissa Bowman

Nemanja Savic

Jorell Mendoza

Dean Ellenwood

Jason Duong

Caite Cartmel

Alex Olson

Hope Wilde

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